Why do I need a designer?

Like it or not, looks count - we make buying decisions emotionally then apply logic after the fact.
In a time when more and more companies are fighting for new online customers, your branding needs to look good, tell the customers what you do, and stand out from the crowd - all in a matter of seconds.

Design is more than just making things look pretty. Your designer will really analyze your business, customer base, and marketplace then use that information to create designs, advertisements and functional websites that make your business more attractive to new customers.

Still not sure? Contact us today to find out if we're for you. A chat on the phone or an email doesn't cost a thing.

Commitment to Customer Service

Being a small business ourselves, we understand where you are coming from. You put countless hours, and your blood sweat and tears into your business to make things work, so every dollar needs to count. Yolk works with you hand in hand through the whole process to make sure that you are getting something that you feel represents you and your business.

We meet with and speak with our clients on a regular basis throughout the process to make sure you are happy. The side effect is a product that is better suited to you and your business.

Isn't using a designer expensive?

It doesn't have to be. We'll work with you to determine exactly what you need, and won't sell you on services you don't. We offer services ranging from logo design, to business card and brochure design, up to full service websites with all the bells and whistles. Every business has different needs and budgets, we will happily work with you to meet both of them. Contact us today for a chat about what you'd like to do.

Why don't I just use one of those design bidding (spec) sites?

If you really have very little money and you have enough design knowledge to know good from bad - then we won't stop you. We WILL strongly advise against it though. Using these sites to design the face of your company is like walking into a random crowd and asking who will do the plumbing in your house the lowest price. There's a small chance that there might be a few plumbers in the crowd but there is no way to determine their training or pedigree.

At Yolk we believe a good client-designer dialogue is the best way to achieve results, and these sites sacrifice that for the lowest bid.

Check out this site for more information before you decide though.

Let's keep in touch

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